In the heat of the battle inside and outside the court, you get to see and hear some weird things. This is where you get to re-live those moments...
On Nov 15, 2011 ...
Damn I played for the wrong team! - Dude, wheres my Car?
Nipuna having a moment after witnessing the Doggies win the championship; realizing what he missed out on by turning down a Underdogz contract early on in the season and playing for 69ers

Quotes from the past
Apr 11, 2017 Senior MemberI'm pretty sure I bent over ...and he was too 'so more
Mar 29, 2017 GoProI tied my shoelaces too tight. Now I have extensor more
Aug 18, 2016 Tosserwell if I miss wif the bat, I always can count on more
Apr 10, 2015 CidermanThat's a strong line up! I'm expecting the B52's more
Sep 18, 2014 Mr RunoutDila: Sae you playing for us anytime soon?
Sa more
Sep 18, 2014 CidermanJay Why don't you do what Dulee does. Sleep in the more
Sep 18, 2014 Short FuseI can't play the 9 o clock games. It cuts into my more
Apr 07, 2014 D-Link TeflonYou need to choke at least 4 times before the monk more
Jan 28, 2014 Team MaskotIf "Sheyorn" can, anyone can!
Nov 22, 2013 Grim ReaperI would rate anything better than windows media pl more
Nov 21, 2013 Yogi BearI love how we call ourselves a team but point fing more
Nov 14, 2013 Senior MemberI went outside and came!
Oct 30, 2013 CidermanIm happy to be ranked low on Chux's 'out of this w more
May 23, 2012 CidermanLooks like the 8th spot just opened up for Chux "1 more
Apr 11, 2012 CidermanWith a bowling economy of a big mac, and a batting more
Nov 15, 2011 Dude, wheres my Car?Damn I played for the wrong team!
Sep 29, 2011 little masterBooya! An just got offered a job too. I'm gonna ha more
Aug 22, 2011 Mr Runout"By the way how did you guys lose the match? Its b more
Aug 22, 2011 Senior Member "I ONLY appreciate MATCH WINNERS, NOT SELFISH BAS more
Aug 19, 2011 Mr Runout"Walking short distances without the stick"
Jul 08, 2010 TosserJesus Christ! Did I just get hit by a bus?
Jul 01, 2011 Mr Supersub 7777Have you guys started winning yet?
Aug 01, 2011 Team MaskotVinod, Ruchira wants to play with you
Aug 05, 2011 Senior MemberNah, I got some medicine... but I have to Physio i more
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