Chuck Ran
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Full Name Chuck Ran
Nickname Senior Member
Batting Style Right-hand bat
Bowling Style Right-hand bowl
Bowling Speed Leg spin
Batting and fielding averages
Bowling averages
Senior's origins dates back to the last ice age when the dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the earth. He was dropped on the shores of the land of the long white cloud in 1653 when captain Cook first discovered New Zealand. Since then Senior has established himself as the only cricketer in the north island and has almost made it to the black caps in several occasions.

Senior is regarded as a technically correct opening batsmen who loves to drive through the covers. Senior has the honor of establishing several well known indoor teams during the early 2000's when he was in his prime including the famous Xplic8, then the Lions followed by El-Chaos and finally he joined the Underdogz in the 2008. Since then he had a lengthy layoff due to injury but since 2010 he has featured regularly in the Dogz franchise.

Senior posses a lethal delivery that is floated so high, it bounces off the top net and drops sharply back on to the court followed by several more bounces as it finally reaches the final destination. Meanwhile the batsman who by this time has grown a few gray hairs by concentrating too hard on the path of the ball is given the opportunity to smash it anywhere he desires. Usually this is the point where everyone on the field is under tremendous danger of being concussed by the speeding bullet we call the ball.

Senior still got a few years behind him before he has to say good bye to his fans around the world

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