El Chaos vs Auckland Superkings
Premature Weapon Xstasy
by Rahul "The Wall" Dravid (Gadget)
Jan 27, 2014

Match Scorecard

No matter what Captain Grumpy said at the end of the match - "It not his fault, I mean we missed a few chances and there was that 13 of Yoda's last over", yet this match will always be remembered for Weapon X's dream turn into nightmare moment in the final ball of the third partnership.

The Superkings won the toss and went into bat. With Gadget watching on from the other side of the back nets, El Chaos were in a strong position after 3 partnerships restricting the Superkings to 76. Unfortunately for El Chaos they let in 49 runs in the last 3 overs as the Superkings compounded a total of 132.

The Hutt and Heartbreaker got El Chaos to solid start as they put a total of 44. Once again Heartbreaker was consistent in his contribution with the bat. Grumpy made a call to send in his reliable Matt Damon duo. Bourne really struggled to find his identity as he had a mixed bag with his bat. One over he was securing 3's of every ball and the next over he was giving catching practice. The duo managed 15 and El Chaos were 59 after 2 partnerships.

With Gadget out of the picture Android teamed up with Weapon X to get El Chaos as close as possible. 13 after the first over this partnership was looking strong until the 10th over when Superkings sent their resident girl...I mean underarm bowler. Yes that is right you heard it, he bowls underarm in indoor. Weapon X faced and was left frustrated after two balls for he was bowled in both of them. Android had a chat and the score started moving again. After three overs in this partnership the score was at 11. The Underarm bowler was back. Android charged him for the first ball and was promptly stumped. Things were going from bad to worse. The very next ball Android made up for it with a 6. Weapon X rotated the strike with cool 3. Android smashed the penultimate ball to the back nets for a huge 13. Pressure relieved. This is when it happened.

After getting bowled twice by the Underarm bowler, Weapon X had enough. With the last ball of the partnership he played a shot straight above everyone and it hit the back nets for a huge 13. Everything happened in slow motion. Gadget had this to say "I couldn't move much, but when I saw that ball hit the back net, my first look at Weapon X was of shock. He was cheering and celebrating but he hadn't completed the run and ground his bat. Before I could yell at him to ground the bat, I heard the noise of the ball hitting the stumps and a cheer from the bowling side!" With that Weapon X's dream turned into a nightmare. Everyone in El Chaos was left shell shocked but then burst into laughter at the prospect what was happening in front of them. It was a 18 run deficit play.

The nightmare was complete when Grumpy and Yoda could only make 33 and El Chaos lost by 14 runs. Weapon X had this to say "Man, I thought you can't get out when you hit a 13!" Some harsh lessons were learnt but something tells me that this will hurt a bit longer than usual. El Chaos face Very Nice Men next week.
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May 19, 2010
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Sunday Woodoo Theory Put to the Test
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Underdogz vs Darlits
Apr 29, 2010
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Apr 15, 2010
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Senior Member Denied Return
Underdogz vs Team Blah
Apr 14, 2010
Senior Member was in election duty last week when he was called back to the team. Even though he was eager to be partici more
Dogz Are Ready... Are You Ready for the Dogz?
Underdogz vs Cheese Toasties
Apr 08, 2010
UnderDogz have announced they are refreshed and ready to go into the new Autumn league which kicks off today against an more
Who is a True Match Winner?Nov 06, 2009
How to judge a true match winner? It’s difficult to point out a single person who can change a result of a single game more
Animal Rights Violated
Podi Boys vs Underdogz
Oct 05, 2009
Yesterday at approximately 8.25 PM a horrific confrontation took place in Mt. Roskill, Auckland. The incident start more
Skill vs Power Analyzed
Underdogz vs Click
Sep 18, 2009
It was thoroughly speculated that power can overpower the skill of Cricket before Dogz’ game this week. Many people ha more
Senior Member SensationSep 17, 2009
It was a great batting display by the current oldest ODI batsmen on Saturday, which prompted me to write this article. more
Indian Ill-performance
Podi Boys vs A I S L Superstars
Sep 17, 2009
Since recently reports are immerging that latest Dog recruits – 2 Indians found at the WaterFront has been joined the more
In Pursuit of a Certain Spoon - A Wooden One
Underdogz vs Click
Sep 16, 2009
It has been a disappointing time for Sri Lankan fans this week, having to stay up till the early hours of the morning, h more
Dogz Has What It Takes to Win - Says Nobody
Underdogz vs On Bail
Sep 10, 2009
On Bail must be licking their lips this week as they wait for their next clash against the Dogz this Thursday. Dogz who more
Game of Two Halves
Podi Boys vs Cougar Hunters
Sep 07, 2009
Podi Boys had an indifferent performance against the Cougars last night. At times they looked as if they were getting ba more
Missing Keeper and the ScorecardSep 04, 2009
It was a double hitter for Underdogz but Action Indoor got richer by Lankans playing 3 games within 3hours. I was delibe more
Dogz Aiming High Against Winless BDO
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Sep 02, 2009
The word “Underdogs” might be a bit of an overkill for a team who’s won just one game out of 4 and looking as thre more
Kumar provides insight into the game
Podi Boys vs On Bail
Sep 01, 2009
As the premier umpire of Sri Lanka, I was appointed the match referee of the crucial 3rd vs 4th game between the On Bail more
Victoryless VittoryAug 31, 2009
It was a gritty performance by BlackCaps skipper Vittory on the last day of the last Test against Sri Lanka. BlackCaps a more
Tiger Tiger Religated Due to Poor FormAug 28, 2009
International Indoor Cricket Council (IICC) dropped a bombshell this morning announcing that they are canning two teams more
Richie the ‘cry baby’ and GamblersAug 24, 2009
We have seen boring innings recently, in Galle while Kiwis batting. They were simply trying to bat through the 4 session more
Podi Boys Continue Winning Ways
Podi Boys vs BDO
Aug 24, 2009
Podiboys secured their 3rd win of the season in 4 games today with relative ease against Slumdogz. As Slumdogz were winl more
McIntosh RevengeAug 21, 2009
Few weeks back, he was playing Indoor Cricket play-offs. It was the best team in the group and was tipped to win the gra more
Searching For The First Win
Underdogz vs Retired Hurt
Aug 19, 2009
After three weeks of competition, Dogs are still win less. The only one that has been winlesss for this long has been th more
Warning WarneAug 19, 2009
Shane Warne should be ashamed! Shane Warne has called for elimination of One Day Internationals, which was uncalled-f more
Money can’t buy Happiness, says CoachAug 18, 2009
The acting coach was not particularly happy with Dogz efforts last night. He firmly believed Dogz could’ve restricted more
Papercut Could Force Senior Member Out of Crucial Clash
Underdogz vs Podi Boys
Aug 10, 2009
A freak accident could force Senior Member out the crucial round 3 clash between the much awaited Underdogz and Podi Boy more
Dogz Faces Financial Crisis - Salary Cap woesAug 10, 2009
There’ve been so many speculations about who gets what in the Dogz camp lately. It’s about time the Dogz pay the more
Dogs will Bounch Back - Says Nobody
Underdogz vs Cougar Hunters
Aug 03, 2009
Dogz last week looked like a bunch of Indians at the Waterfront on a long and cold Saturday night – Without a clear pu more
Stylish Loss First Up - Team Management
Underdogz vs Click
Jul 30, 2009
Dogz kicked off their season with a loss first up against Click. Batting was average to say the least - started off by S more
Dogz Underprepared for Season Opener - Coach
Underdogz vs Click
Jul 29, 2009
It has been just over 2 weeks since the unforgettable final in which the chokers tag was re-established but the Dogz are more
Be into Win Nothing Competition is Back
Underdogz vs Retired Hurt
Jul 21, 2009
So the Dogz have failed yet again at the final hurdle. Yeah..like that's hardly surprising While the name "Underdogz" more
Dogz Wary of McIntosh Factor
Underdogz vs Cougar Hunters
Jul 14, 2009
Dogs season can be summed up as a season of two halves, losing the first half of the tournament yet coming back to win s more
Doggies Get Wakeup Call in Final Round Robin Game
Underdogz vs SPs
Jul 09, 2009
If doggies came into the game hoping for an easy ride to the semi's, those thoughts were quickly put to rest when they f more
Underdogz Season Hanging in The Balanace
Underdogz vs SPs
Jul 07, 2009
If one said that the Dogz would be in 3rd place going into the last game of the season this week a few weeks ago, you wo more
Weakened Team for Sunday Clash
Underdogz vs Tiger Tiger
Jul 02, 2009
Dogz are nicely placed going in to the Tiger Tiger clash this Sunday needing 1 win out of the remaining two to secure a more
Skipper and Weed Killer Stars in Win
Underdogz vs Slumdogz
Jun 25, 2009
Elated by the recent success of the Sri Lankans at the T20, Underdogz unleashed a devastating fury upon a bedazzled Slum more
Be in to Win Nothing competition is back!!!
Underdogz vs Slumdogz
Jun 25, 2009
Ok so it is almost the end of the season and it is the crunch time for the doggies Answer the following question and more
The Numbers GameJun 23, 2009
With just two rounds remaining after this week, the game against the Slummies's would be the Doggies biggest hurdle to m more
Weed Killer and Napster Stars in Crushing Win
Underdogz vs Retired Hurt
Jun 18, 2009
Doggies hopes of a play-off spot were boosted tonight with a clinical performance against a hapless Retired Hurt outfit. more
Match Preview
Underdogz vs Retired Hurt
Jun 17, 2009
Its the business end of the season where every point counts as Underdogz head in to the toughest of their remaining four more
Dog Win Keeps Playoff Hopes Alive
Underdogz vs GSM
Jun 11, 2009
When things looked dim and grim after last weeks hammering, Underdogz turned around their fortunes with a impressive win more
Sixth Place at Stake
Underdogz vs GSM
Jun 07, 2009
Underdogz still lying at the bottom of the ladder has a important clash against GSM which would enable to leep frog them more
Rename Senior Member and be in to win nothing!!!!May 25, 2009
Welcome to Senior Member name change competition. The idea is to help Senior Member hide his true self in order to preve more
Match Preview
Underdogz vs BDO
May 22, 2009
Dogz confidence is riding high after last weeks long awaited win as they head into the rematch against BDO this Sunday a more
Dogz Shows Class In a Allround Performance
Underdogz vs SPs
May 21, 2009
Finally the Dogz tasted that winning feeling after 6 week drought with a convincing yet clinical performance against the more
Dogz licking their wounds
Underdogz vs Cougar Hunters
May 20, 2009
Underdogz were humiliated beyond believe last week as they went down by more than 100 runs in one of the worst defeats i more
Underdogz Humiliated
Underdogz vs BDO
May 20, 2009
Dogz went down last night in one of the worst defeats of all time if not the worst ever by any team in indoor cricket hi more
Underdogz at a all time low
Underdogz vs GSM
May 20, 2009
If you thought last week's performance was bad, then you haven't seen nothing yet. Underdogz suffered their 4th straigh more
Mr Supersub to Debut in Doggie clash
Underdogz vs Slumdogz
May 20, 2009
Last time the Underdogz went into a doggy battle, they came on top. Ironically that was more than a month ago - 1st roun more
Tigers maul Doggies in High Scorer
Underdogz vs Tiger Tiger
May 20, 2009
Another game, another loss for the Dogz... This time loosing a game that they never should have lost. After winning t more
Dogz Call in Dhoni for Bottom of the Table Clash
Underdogz vs SPs
May 19, 2009
Kolkata Knight Riders ended their horror run at the IPL last week winning a game after 7 straight loses. Dogz are at a s more
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