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Warning Warne
by Chuck (Senior Member)
Aug 19, 2009

Shane Warne should be ashamed!

Shane Warne has called for elimination of One Day Internationals, which was uncalled-for. He has a six-point plan to improve Cricket, which will get zero-points from me. The six-point plan is:

  1. Fast-track umpires and raise their wages

  2. End one-day internationals

  3. Introduce a World Test Championship

  4. Ban switch-hitting

  5. No rolling or sweeping the pitch once the game has started

  6. Create a window for the IPL

He explains ODIs not selling tickets anymore; what rubbish! If you have the correct combination (opponents and venue) any match will have sellout crowds. The former Australian who has only 1999 World Cup title due to his unforgettable performance in the 2003 World Cup. Maybe he’s worried about Ricky Ponting winning the cup for the 3rd successive time (which will be tough ask by any means), which was his lost leadership role. He needed to prove his inner leader and proved opposite by acting like a clueless teenager in South Africa.

The only good thing he thought was a World Test Champs, however, it already exist in a way of ICC Rankings. I’ve seen Asian Test Champs several times and it was successful in subcontinent. But this is completely different. He’s basically trying to get rid of West Indies or Bangladesh (or Zimbabwe). He must be furious that he didn’t get to play against the minors much and take loads of wickets in his day.

I think he needs to take a break, even from commentating. Indian born Nazar Hussain can do much better than him in the combox. He just needs to forget about Cricket for a while and start a new business or something, maybe buy a Rugby league club. However, I’m sure he won’t forget the massive six by Arjuna Ranatunge off his 1st ever Test ball in Sri Lanka.
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