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Dogz Faces Financial Crisis - Salary Cap woes
by Chuck (Ciderman)
Aug 10, 2009

There’ve been so many speculations about who gets what in the Dogz camp lately.

It’s about time the Dogz pay the league fees for the Warwick Enterprise so the owner can buy few more cows for his farm. The financial troubles making Dogz go crazy, not over Cricket but over money. Actinmg financial manager, Team Tosser has been worried and confused about his credit record(s) and card(s) of late as he’s in-charge of arranging league fees. He recently found out that his credit card wont function offline, despite concerns over his growing credit card bills.

There are rumors about Senior Member is looking for a salary increase but he’s been denied by the management due to poor recent form. Team Maskot is asking for a salary increase effecting immediately to support his growing family (of relatives). He always mention about the number of 7s he’s been hitting lately. However, senior spokesperson said “management cannot do much due to Salary Caps, which is next to nothing”. Skipper agreed to refund 50% of his accommodation allowance and Team Maskot and Tysi Mbwa agreed to refund 25% of their travel claimed for their holiday recently.

Senior Member refused to refund anything and said “Until I get what its worth, I won’t pay anything back. System is there for the expenses claims and you need to claim as much as possible.” Also, there’s been growing concerns over the excessive health services provided to Dogz. Vice Skipper has been resting for 80% of the games last season due to shoulder injury and he looks to be still in doubt for another few weeks. Mr Disable is trying to claim health benefits even though he’s not been a contracted player for couple of seasons now; he’s looking for loopholes in the system as we speak.

So, there’s no end to this financial problems Dogz facing in the biggest recession since 1930s.

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Dogz Faces Financial Crisis - Salary Cap woesAug 10, 2009
There’ve been so many speculations about who gets what in the Dogz camp lately. It’s about time the Dogz pay the more
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