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Vinod, Ruchira wants to play with you - Team Maskot

Underdogz vs Hooters Shooters

Dogz Shoots Hooters in Low Scoring Scuffle To Go Undefeated in 2019

Underdogz vs Googlies

Dogz Spins Googlie Out to Make it 5 out of 5 Wins

Underdogz vs Classic Hits

Dogz Extend Winning Streak to Four With Narrow Escape Against Classics

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Seven Man Dogs Boils Cabbage to Make a Stew and Make it 3 Wins in a Row

Dogz Keeps Bay Blues at Bay in Close Encounter

Dogz Grabs Season Opener to Win "Battle of the Wides" Against the Lackluster Lions

Dogz on a High Looking to Upset Tasmac

Classics 84 Run Opening Stand Stuns Doggies

Lagered Offers Dogz their Best Chance of a Win

Very Nice Men Blown Away by a Pack of Hungry Dogz

Dogz Post Worst Batting Score of the Season in Povi Thumping

Dogs Yet to Register First Win

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