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Underdogz vs Classic Hits

testing outdoor

Underdogz vs Classic Hits

Dogz Pickup Cricket Where They Left Off in Big Loss

Underdogz vs Vortex

Dogz Slaughtered by Vortex; Causes Immediate Retirement of Team

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Dogz Batting Collapse Result in Severe Mauling by Prawns

Classics Put a Dent in Underdog Playoff Hopes with Win

Dogs Keep their Cool in Scrappy Win over 69ers

Dogs Recover from Batting Collapse to Beat Povi

Game Changers Continue to Torment the Wimpy Dogz

Dogz Crush Brown Brothers; Yoza Sets All time Highest Scorer Record for Dogz with 49

Dogz Falls Short Against Top Team Vortex

Dogz Catch Pawn Stars Napping in Upset

Classics Bites the Dogz to Tie the Game

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